A Special Welcome & Offer for all VIP Franchisees and Potential Franchisees

All existing and potential VIP Franchisees are entitled to a complimentary initial consultation (usually $330). The consultation is usually conducted via web-conference and lasts 30-45 minutes. This is an incredibly powerful meeting and the insights you will gain come from thousands of small business case studies. And you are under no obligation to continue with our services beyond this meeting.

Your Complimentary Initial Consultation includes discussions on:

  • The business you are buying, and the behaviours that will help it become successful
  • Compliance and regulatory obligations you will have with a particular focus on the ATO
  • Financing of the business
  • Your background and top level view of your financial affairs
  • Possible tax structures that would suit your situation
  • Accounting software, why it’s important, and which ones you can choose from
  • An open forum for you to ask any questions you’d like
 Should you be happy with the consultation and wish to proceed with our services, we can assist you with:
  • setting up your tax structures and/or business names
  • assistance with obtaining finance
  • set up of an accounting package
  • preparation of budgets and cash flow
  • act as a general sounding board for all those questions you will inevitably have
  • provide you with an annual plan that summarises all of this and to keep you on track with any and all reporting
  • coordinate any other professional services you require such as insurance, SMSF, consulting, software, education
and much more.  Save yourself time and money by booking your Initial Consultation today!