Replace Timesheets

The proven, step by step program for replacing timesheets.

Experience unrivalled competitive advantage by replacing timesheets in your firm with a business model and reporting system that meets the needs of the future. Hire any team member you want, whenever you want, as they will flock to your door once you begin to replace timesheets. Clients will love that they can now call you without time being recorded.

This program is reserved for a very limited number of firms each year.

Corporate Governance

Accountability and unity at Partner level is unquestionably a key driver of growth and profitability.  The facilitation of Partner meetings by an external, independent industry expert, assists in removing emotion, and focusing on strategy.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning doesn’t need to be complex. Whether it be succession planning or pursuing growth, there are a limited number of variables you need to focus on to ensure a successful outcome. However as with all things that involve people, careful consideration of both personal and business objectives should be at the forefront of the exercise.

Tailored to the needs of you and your firm, we will develop a plan that meets your needs, matches your budget and resources, and keep you on track during a period of change.

Fixed Pricing

For firms who are not ready to replace timesheets, this program will assist you with moving your clients, regardless of their size or frequency, to a fixed price and direct debit environment.

This program will also teach you how to change client behaviour to improve the quality of records you receive, and teach your team how to identify and prevent scope creep before it occurs.

Workflow and cash flow cycles will improve considerably, and fee complaints will disappear altogether.

New Revenue Streams

Every new client should be buying at least 2.7 services from you.

There are a number of services that your firm can offer that are either zero or variable cost-based to deliver. This program will show you how to introduce at least two new services to every client, bringing you additional income and an asset you can later sell.

Mergers & Acquisitions

My Industry Insider service is for parties wishing to acquire accounting firms. Based on over 20 years of first-hand experiences, and 40 years of benchmarking data including detailed case studies on both successful and failed acquisition and consolidation attempts, this knowledge will put you in the box seat when negotiating contracts.

Other services include due diligence, valuations, contract negotiations, profit improvement prior to sale and caretaker roles.

Flexible Working Conditions

This program is a guaranteed winner when it comes to breaking new ground in the relationship you have with your team.

This program replaces reporting with trust and accountability. It changed the way our team members saw us as their employer. It reduced our stress levels. Team member acquisition and retention improved. The nicest service offering on this page, with the nicest outcomes.